Yahoo! Finance Interview With Jason Dorsey: Revealing The Best Cities For Gen Z Renters The Center for Generational Kinetics [Video]

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  • Practicality with money is a key emerging trait of Gen Zers– the generation born after 1997.
  • Throughout the pandemic, Gen Zers were the most likely to lose their job or face a reduction in hours or pay.
  • Remote work unlocks tremendous new opportunities for Gen Zers and where they choose to work and live.

In some key parts of the US, the real estate and rental markets are hot! 

That is why CGK President Jason Dorsey was excited to share his thinking—and latest research—about the most important Gen Z rental trends that leaders—as well as employers and parents—need to know.

This moment in time is important for understanding Gen Z as both renters and trendsetters because they comprise the entire cohort of emerging adult renters (ages 18 to 25) and are driving not only rental trends but mobility trends, community amenities, and so much more in the rental market! As …


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