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Working Less After Building Their Tiny House [Video]

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Ashley and Dan spent one year taking their dreams of tiny living and bringing them to life building their very own DIY THOW. Now the couple is expecting a baby, and planning to continue their sustainable, mortgage-free life as a family of three!

They had a budget of $35K for the build, and came in spending about $40K for their 28-foot home on wheels. They did try to use second-hand and repurposed materials as much as possible, and designed the interior with a retro 70s flair. Neither of them had any building experience, so YouTube University taught them everything!

Right now they are parked on some farmland in British Columbia, and they talked to us about their tiny life below. Also, there’s a video tour from their YouTube channel you can enjoy.

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Long-Term Care Planning

Estate Planning for Your Unique family Situation [Video]

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