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Whole Life for Children? Or Parent Policies? [Video]

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Whole Life for Children? Or Parent Policies?

Is Whole Life insurance better for children or their parents when using whole life insurance for infinite banking or tax-free retirement income? This video takes an in-depth look at a juvenile whole life policy and compares it to a similar policy on the parents. The results are shocking!

0:06 – Myths re whole life policies for children and then the truth about whole life for kids
1:27 – The parameters of the 3 whole life policies on the family we’ll be comparing
2:09 – Graphing the first 15 years of the daughter, mother, and father whole life policies
3:44 – Challenges behind children qualifying for a reasonable sized whole life policy
4:27 – Looking 40-years later to see the impact on cash value and death benefit
7:26 – Drilling deep into early cash values (spoiler: the kid’s whole life policy loses)
8:49 – The most important reason you should get whole life for children after parents

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