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Who Is The Ideal Candidate For A Max Funded IUL Policy? [Video]

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Who Is The Ideal Candidate For A Max Funded IUL Policy?

Are you looking for a policy where you can maximize your finances? Well, the Max-funded IUL policy could be the answer and solution to your problem. In this video, I am going to explain who is the ideal candidate for a max-funded IUL policy? And how is a max funded IUL the “Dream Solution” for so many financial goals.

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Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:06 What To Do As You Learn In This Video
02:33 How Max-Funded IUL Can Be Designed
03:21 What Needs To Be Corrected
04:14 What Is A Financial Swiss Army Knife
05:12 What Are 2 Biggest Benefits Most People Look At In An IUL Policy
05:39 How Max-Funded IUL Works For College Savings/Funding
06:21 How Do Business Owners Use Max-Funded IUL
06:53 How Do Real Estate Investors Use Max-Funded IUL
07:54 How Max-Funded IUL Works For Emergency Fund
08:25 What Are The Benefits If You Bypass The Middle Man
09:07 How Max-Funded IUL Works For Pension Maximization
10:04 How Max-Funded IUL Works For Tax Reduction
10:54 What Is Life Insurance
11:15 What Are The 3 Biggest Dangers That Cost Most People To Outlive Their Money
11:42 What Are The 3 Greatest Opportunities With IUL
12:16 What Are The 3 Greatest Strengths Of IUL
12:55 How To Claim Your Copy Of The LASER Fund Book For FREE

What To Watch Next
Why Is A Max-Funded IUL Tax-Free During Accumulation, Distribution & Transfer Phases Of The Contract

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