Whats the Better Investment? Real Estate or Stocks? [Video]

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  • The better investment: real estate vs. the stock market
  • 5 reasons to invest in real estate

If you are tired of the lack of predictability in investing in the stock market, it may be better to consider investing in real estate. Why invest in real estate?

1. Cash flow: Every month a rental property has tenants, the owner of that property receives positive cash flow. While there are slight risks associated with this cash flow, positive monthly income is generally a reason investors choose to invest in real estate over traditional stock options.

2. Tax deductions: At Grace Property Management, we have investors who have chosen investment real estate over stocks for the tax deductions alone. The IRS allows investors to factor in depreciation of the real estate over time as an expense item. At the end of the year you may be able to leverage depreciation to show loss. Depreciation is just one of the tax deductions real estate investors are able to take advantage …