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What Should I Be Doing To Combat Rising Taxes And Inflation [Video]

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What Should I Be Doing To Combat Rising Taxes And Inflation

Did you know that the only things that are certain in this world are taxes and inflation? In this episode, I’ll answer the question “What should I be doing to combat rising taxes and inflation”.

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Doug Andrew

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:40 What Are The 3 Big Dangers To Outlive Your Money
03:37 What Causes Inflation
05:52 What Happened During The 2008 Inflation
08:12 What Is The Rule Of 72
11:37 What Is The Tax And Inflation Power Curve
12:34 Get A FREE Copy Of The LASER Fund

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How To Stay Ahead Of Inflation

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Banno - Episode 87 Teaser - 9th December 2021 - HAR PAL GEO [Video]

Banno - Episode 87 Teaser - 9th December 2021 - HAR PAL GEO Did you know Har Pal Geo is now in the US? Subscribe and hit the bell icon to catch Top Pakistani Dramas and satisfy all your entertainment needsBanno narrates a heartwrenching love story entangled in between familial ties that require sacrifice and compromise at every step of life.After the death of her parents, Beena has been brought up by her uncle's family since childhood. Beena is a young and kind-hearted girl who tries to maintain peace with everyone in the family however her aunt's constant abuses and rude behaviour makes life difficult for her.On the other hand, Beena's cousin Saniya share a beautiful bond of friendship, love and respect with her. Saniya and Beena's life takes an unfortunate turn when Saniya's cousin Azlan instantly falls in love with Beena. Despite Azlan and Beena's mutual interest in each other, Saniya’s intrusion and love for Azlan begins to nurture feelings of hatred, revenge and resentment between the two cousins. The ever forgiving and compromising nature of Beena stops her from making any further advances towards Azlan. However, Saniya and her mother refuse to forgive Beena and become envious of her..Beena’s life takes a new course when Nihal, a young and handsome man from an affluent family falls in love with her at first sight. With family tensions already rising, will Nihal act as a saviour or will he be yet another test for Beena? Will Beena be able to save herself from constant humiliation and taunts hurled by Saniya and her mother? In a world devoid of trust and loyalty, will Beena be able to find a perfect ending to her story? Will Saniya ever realize her mistakes and be able to redeem her bond with Beena?Writer: Tahir Nazir & Athar AnsariDirector: Ali AkbarProducers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad QureshiProduction House: 7th Sky EntertainmentCast :FURQAN QURESHI as AZLANFARHAN MALHI as NIHALNIMRA KHAN as BEENANAWAL SAEED as SANIAMARYAM NOOR as RAMSHASEEMI PASHA as RIFATRABIA NAUREEN as ARFAHHASHIM BUTT as KARIMSHAJEER UDDIN as SHAHERYARAYESHA GULL as SAJDAHUMERA BANO as MIDHATMEHMOOD JAFFERY as LAWYERYASIR ALAM as AMANTALIA JAN as ABIHASABA as MAID#BannoEP87Teaser#HARPALGEO#Entertainment

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Happy Holidays from American Equity [Video]

American Equity celebrates the holidays with team members spreading good cheer and giving back. Happy Holidays!To learn more about American Equity, visit

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EVERY Star Skin in Clash Royale ⭐⭐⭐ [Video]

Every star skin front and back comparison for level 2 and level 3 for all units, troops buildings and spells. New star skin includes mother witch for 2021.0:00 - Intro0:38 - Barbarians0:46 - Barbarian Barrel0:59 - Barbarian Hut1:07 - Battle Ram1:31 - Elite Barbarians1:41 - Bats1:50 - Knight Witch1:59 - Bowler2:06 - Giant2:14 - Golem2:37 - Mega Knight2:46 - Royal Giant2:55 - Cannon Cart3:19 - Cannon3:34 - Elixir Collector3:44 - Inferno Tower3:51 - Mortar4:05 - Tesla4:16 - X-Bow4:35 - Zappies4:47 - Baby Dragon4:58 - Inferno Dragon5:16 - Mega Minion5:27 - Mini PEKKA5:36 - PEKKA5:45 - Minion Horde6:01 - Lava Hound (Pups)6:20 - Dart Goblin6:27 - Goblins6:38 - Goblin Barrel6:46 - Goblin Cage (Goblin Brawler)7:06 - Goblin Gang7:20 - Goblin Hut7:36 - Spear Goblins7:50 - Goblin Giant8:09 - Hog Rider8:24 - Royal Hogs8:33 - Mother Witch8:55 - Archers9:06 - Executioner9:15 - Hunter9:28 - Knight9:39 - Magic Archer9:53 - Musketeers10:03 - Rascals10:13 - Royal Recruits10:24 - Valkrie10:33 - Wizard10:42 - Miner10:53 - Balloon11:07 - Bomber11:17 - Tombstone11:27 - Graveyard11:51 - Giant Skeleton12:06 - Guards12:13 - Skeleton Army12:24 - Skeleton Barrel12:36 - Wallbreakers12:49 - Witch12:58 - Arrows13:05 - Rocket13:14 - Earthquake13:29 - FireballCode OJCR Store (Beta) News Juice Clips Get 10% off GFUEL with code 'OJ' at checkout: Enjoy 20% off from Incase by using code TRIBE20: designs an ecosystem of bags and accessories that provide the best possible mobility and experience to keep your ideas protected. Razer is the #1 lifestyle brand for gamers. Elgato - Level up your set up! https://brawlify.comDeck Shop https://www.deckshop.proRoyale API YT Royale Stars ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ #supercellpartner

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Fees: 401k, IRA, Stocks & Mutual Funds [Video]

The stock market is fee ridden and extremely volatile. These high fees can erode away up to 1/3 of your retirement income. The stock market most recently has been described as "rigged" as reported by 60 Minutes. However, there is a better way to save and invest money. Call us to find out how, 435-429-1600, or visit