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What Average Rates Of Return Have IUL Policies Historically Earned [Video]

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Rates of return change from time to time depending on the market. For this reason, your investment could always be at risk of losing big. How can you assure great returns? Well, in an IUL policy you can average 9.62% rates of return even during the great recession. So, in this episode, I am going to explain what average rates of return IUL policies have historically earned. Get Your FREE Copy of The LASER Fund Today! To your abundance! Doug Andrew Key Moments In This Episode ======================== 00:00 Intro & Summary 01:25 How Much Do Investors In IRAs And 401Ks Earn 02:08 Why Most People Only Average 3 And A Half 03:16 What Is The Rule Of 72 Math 04:15 What Is The Lowest Average Rate Of Return To Those With IUL Policy 05:51 Why IUL Policy Holders Did Not Lose Money During The Great Recession 06:45 What Is …