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Webinar: Build Biodiversity and Grow Your Business [Video]

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During this webinar, you will hear from three experts on incorporating biodiversity into business operations, considering biodiversity when planning land-use change associated with expanding a business’s footprint, and reporting biodiversity impact figures to customers and investors.

This webinar will expose you to concepts and techniques that you can use to maximize your company’s environmental benefits.

You will learn:

  • How organizations audit and monitor biodiversity,
  • Popular techniques to incorporate biodiversity into your business’s operations and marketing,
  • Examples of biodiversity improvements done on small and medium farms and/or case studies involving ecosystem-level restoration,
  • Land management and agriculture techniques to improve or support biodiversity,
  • Biodiversity finance basics and frameworks,
  • Ways for SMEs to get involved in biodiversity value chains.

WRI will also send out the slides and a custom resources sheet to everyone who registers for the webinar.


David Meyersis an environmental finance expert and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in sustainability, business strategy and management, environmental economics, international conservation and development, …

Business Owners

7702 IUL and Whole Life Policy Comparisons [Video]

Visit the Banking Truths Home Page: your own custom call with the Banking Truths Team: snuck in some 7702 changes into the latest spending bill to allowing insurance companies to adapt to the new drastically lower rates. This has been the first major change to Whole Life guaranteed growth since the 1980s and it's not getting better. Thankfully it will take a couple/few months for the companies to design a new product and get it approved. Watch as we show some comparisons between the old and new product designs.0:45 - Indexed Universal Life Policy Examples6:45 - Whole Life Policy Examples================================================Schedule a call to lock in Whole Life's old guarantees here: all about it the changes here: