Long-Term Care Planning

We Show How Much We Care | Nationwide On Your Side Soundtracks ft. Jill Scott [Video]

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We Show How Much We Care | Nationwide On Your Side Soundtracks ft. Jill Scott

It feels good having someone on your side. It sounds good, too, in our newest song featuring Jill Scott.

As Jill returns to the studio for a new take on Nationwide’s iconic jingle, we’re reminded that it’s the little moments where we show how much we care.

Nationwide offers an array of solutions and products from personal insurance, to business insurance, to taxes, to protecting your future investments and retirement. Whatever the need, you can rely on Nationwide to help protect the things you love and cherish.

Nationwide is On Your Side

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Long-Term Care Planning

What is a care annuity and when might I need one? #SeventySevenSeconds [Video]

Long term care is a subject which is confusing, daunting and often comes at a time of great stress. We asked SOLLA accredited Chartered Financial Planner David Summers to answer the questions he is most often asked when it comes to creating a long term care plan.    Please note that the upper limit of £23,250 only refers to England and Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have different upper limits. SeventySeven Wealth Management Limited is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James's Place Wealth Management plc which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.IG Hashtags: #77 #77wm #SeventySeven #SeventySevenWealthManagement #SeventySevenWealthManagementUK #WealthManagementUK #WealthManagementAdvisor #WealthManagement #WealthManagementPartners #WealthManagementTips #FinancialPlanning #FinancialPlanningUK #FinancialWellBeing #FinancialAdviceUK #Finance #Investment #InvestmentManagement #Wealth #Pension #FinancialFreedom #RetirementFund #ProtectionPlanning #ManagingYourCash #InvestmentPlanning #RetirementPlanning #SchoolFeesPlanning #InheritanceTaxPlanning #IntergenerationalPlanning #CareInLaterLife #LongTermCare

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Goran Milic grew up in Serbia and moved to the US in his early twenties. Among many other roles, he’s a dad, husband, financial planner, and chief retirement strategist at Tesla Wealth Management. For the last ten years, Goran has been helping people with their financial, retirement, and insurance planning. He’s an actuary by trade, and actuaries are creators of all types of insurance, annuities, pension funds, and other financial products.Goran was always passionate about crunching numbers and explaining math to his non-math friends and family. Throughout his schooling, he has discovered his special gift in his ability to gather scattered information and bring it all together in an organized, well-researched, and actionable way. In addition, he loves to tackle complex financial topics and break them down for a layperson to understand.While working for a large national firm years ago, Goran realized that a vast amount of the advice given to clients was not aligned with their best interests. So he joined TWM with the conviction that while every client’s situation is unique, there is an optimal solution that perfectly suits each client. It may take more effort and sometimes thinking outside the box, but there is no other way for their team at TWM.As far as Goran’s education goes, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science from Roosevelt University. He’s also maintaining his Life and Health producer license and the CLTC designation, a certification for Long-Term Care insurance.When he doesn’t work, Goran loves to spend time with his wife and their two children, enjoying nature and an outdoorsy lifestyle. Learn More: Influencers with Mike Saunders

Long-Term Care Planning

In this Zoomside Chat, Michael Ettinger discusses the strategies we can use to better protect our assets for the future. We will talk about Caregiver Agreements, Pooled Income Trust, Long-Term Care Insurance, Medicaid Asset Protection Trust and many others, along with their pros and cons.Get the Ettinger Plan:​To learn more, please visit:​ Contact us directly:1-800-500-2525Ettinger Law Firm focuses exclusively on elder law estate planning. Our attorneys and paralegals work to provide asset protection and tax savings for baby boomers and senior citizens. Practicing for twenty seven years and with offices in sixteen New York State locations, Ettinger Law Firm has prepared thousands of estate plans for generations of middle class families.Chapters:00:00 Intro2:00 Caregiver Agreements4:56 The Pooled Income Trust11:54 Long-Term Care Insurance16:11 Veteran's Benefits for Caregivers17:18 Medicaid Exemptions22:42 Medicaid Qualifying Annuities25:02 Spousal Refusal27:59 Gift and Loan30:09 The Medicaid Asset Protection Trust32:33 Free Online Seminar33:05 Our law firm's unique planning process36:21 Our law firm's trademarked process after you sign your documents39:11 Schedule your free consultation40:51 Thank you!