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WCI Podcast #251 – How to Fix the Retirement Account System [Video]

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WCI Podcast #251 – How to Fix the Retirement Account System

A listener asked, “how would you reset the whole retirement account system in this country to make more sense for both the government and the citizens?” In this episode we dive into what changes we would make if we could in that system, simplifying taxes, separating the retirement accounts from employment, and creating a sort of pension plan bigger than social security. We also answer your questions about caps on 401(k) contributions, small business 401(k)s, social security, annuities, tax deferred vs Roth contributions, C shares and A shares, and contributing to your spouse’s 401(k). Read the full show notes here:

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00:00 Introduction
02:39 Changing The Retirement System
10:35 Multiple 401(k)s
15:42 Small Business 401(k)s
23:25 Social Security Age
27:14 Burnout w/ Dr. Dike Drummond
38:20 Undoing An Annuity
40:30 Roth vs Traditional For Super Savers
44:10 A Share & C Share Funds
54:14 Wrap-Up