Ventnor OK’s Pay Raise for Controversial Atlantic City School Boss [Video]

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On June 30, Ventnor voted YES and gave controversial Atlantic City school superintendent, Barry Caldwell, a new contract worth over $220,000 per year.

Michael Cupeles is Ventnor’s new representative on the Atlantic City School Board. This seat comes with voting rights.

Cupeles voted YES to the Atlantic City School Superintendent’s 12% raise. Other employees only get 2% annual raises.

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Appointing Ventnor rep for AC Board of Education position is responsibility of Ventnor Mayor, Beth Holtzman.

Ventnor sends 191 students to Atlantic City High School at a cost of $18,000 per pupil. That’s almost $4 million per year that Ventnor sends to the poorly rated, Atlantic City High School.

Less than 25% of AC High School students are proficient in basic math & grammar.

Ventnor’s Deal with Atlantic City High School:

AC School Superintendent Barry Caldwell is currently a defendant in a student sex abuse lawsuit that also involves the Atlantic City Mayor and his wife, the Principal …