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TTT Podcast – Episode 4 – George Hartman – Business Coach And Succession Planning [Video]

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TTT Podcast – Episode 4 – George Hartman – Business Coach And Succession Planning

In this TechnicalTraders Podcast episode, we speak with George Hartman, the President, and CEO of Market Logics.

George’s career in Financial Services has spanned five decades. As an advisor, strategist, coach, mentor, featured speaker, and prolific writer of both books and articles, George is well-respected and renowned across the financial and business industries.

Currently, George is writing his fourth book and is a coach to many people in Canada and the US who have turned their attention toward succession plans and the business strategies needed to plan for retirement successfully.

00:00 Introduction
00:47 My guest is George Hartman, the President and CEO of Market Logics
01:00 Can you maybe just tell us a little bit about Market Logics?
01:22 How did you get started as a business coach and mentor for financial advisors?
03:06 Who influenced you to become involved in the financial markets and coaching?
04:27 What is your business and investing philosophy?
05:34 Can you tell us about the book you have written?
06:47 How important is it for someone to have their own investment philosophy or practice?
07:43 Are there certain times when you walk away and hold onto your cash?
08:34 What’s the best advice you ever got, and who gave it to you?
09:13 What is the new program you are working on?
11:00 What is something you wish you had known before you started trading and investing?
12:52 Are there any myths that you’d like to bust?
13:40 Is there anything that you are pretty passionate about?

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How to get Started with Your Infinite Banking Policy [Video]

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