Trade Ideas Scanner Live for Day trading Stock Market [Video]

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Trade Ideas Scanner Live for Day trading Stock Market

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Trade ideas scanner and Benzinga news squawk is delayed 2 minutes on Youtube as required
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Streaming Hours:
We stream Trade Ideas Scanner and Live news alerts every weekday from 6:00 AM till 8:00 PM EST and we start live trading at 9:30AM EST in our private trading room

Trading Style:
What is our day trading focus on this Channel?
We mainly trade Gap-and-Go and MOMO (momentum) based strategies using custom scanners designed to identify low cost, small cap stocks. Prior to Market open, we assess stocks listed on the Biggest Gappers Scanner by checking for share float, news catalysts, support and resistance levels and relative volume. Once assessed, we decide what stocks to trade and which day trading strategy to use. When the Market opens and as the morning trading session advances, we adjust our trading style to volatility, volume and momentum changes. Because we prefer trading stocks in the $2 to $20 price range, little money is needed and larger share sizes can be traded.

We caution our viewers to practice ONLY on the simulator and not to use real money and never trade based on anyone’s opinion or actions.
Day trading can be extremely risky. Day trading generally is not appropriate for someone of limited resources and limited investment or trading experience and low risk tolerance. You should be prepared to lose all of the funds that you use for day trading. .
Nothing in the information posted inside this room is intended to be or should be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of any particular result.
Our videos and streams are for entertainment purposes only.

We are at Stocks Rocks an open minded community with members of different backgrounds
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to learn and to contribute to our active trading community via our live Chat.
Be positive and respectful. Remember to treat yourself the same way.
Everyone will be treated the same, however, disrespectfulness/rudeness will always get banned. We ban the behavior not the person.
Below are some of what we do not tolerate here:
Hate Speech
Sexual Orientation
calling for the harm or death of anyone you dislike OR disagree with whether in this community or outside it


Elon Musk's money wingman Jared Birchall is a Mormon ex Morgan Stanley [Video]

When you ask Jared Birchall's neighbors and former colleagues to describe him, they'll tell you he's soft-spoken, personable, and polite — a family man who's a leader at his local church. In other words, pretty much the opposite of his boss, Elon Musk. Birchall, a former Morgan Stanley banker, has for six years run Musk's family office, Excession, while mostly avoiding the limelight. He helped Musk arrange $46.5 billion in capital for his surprise takeover of Twitter, putting the quiet money manager back in the news for the first time since 2019, when he had to testify in a defamation suit filed against Musk. Birchall's virtue is not his financial prowess — one banker who worked on Twitter's financing said he seemed relatively green — but rather his willingness to go to great lengths for Musk. For all the testimonials about his affable nature, Birchall has also shown that he's not afraid to get his hands dirty on behalf of his boss. After Musk was sued by a man he had called a "pedo guy," Birchall hired a private investigator, at Musk's behest, to dig up dirt on the man; it failed spectacularly. Insider talked with three of Birchall's former colleagues from Merrill Lynch and two of his former neighbors from Stevenson Ranch, an affluent suburb of Los Angeles. They laughed when asked what they thought of him working for the impulsive and unpredictable Tesla founder."Jared's the most straightlaced person you'll ever meet," said one of the former colleagues, who spoke on the condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak to the press. A lawyer for Musk and Birchall declined to comment on this story. Both men are tall and have large families — Musk is 6-foot-2, with seven children, while Birchall is about 6-foot-3 and has five children, sources told Insider. But the similarities end there. Unlike his boss, Birchall keeps a low profile. He's a practicing Latter-day Saint who can't drink coffee or alcohol, let alone smoke marijuana, which Musk famously did on Joe Rogan's podcast. In 2008, Birchall donated $1,000 in support of Proposition 8, a California ballot initiative to ban marriage for same-sex couples, state data indicates. Insider couldn't find any statements on marriage equality by Musk, but he has said he does not identify as a conservative. Birchall's former colleagues and neighbors said they can understand why Musk trusts him with all his affairs."I think he's a very ethical and trustworthy guy, so I can see why Elon puts a lot of confidence in him," the former colleague said. "He stands out because financial advisors are not known for being the most honest, ethical people."Rick Patterson, who was Birchall's neighbor for 10 years, told Insider he thinks Birchall's measured and diplomatic nature is a needed counterbalance to the impulsive billionaire."His advice is calm and direct," Patterson said. "Jared speaks after he hears other people.All data is taken from the source: http://businessinsider.comArticle Link: #newsbloopers #newsworldfox #newstodaymsnbc #newstodayabc #newsworld #


Retirement Plan Advisory Services Columbia, MO 65203 - Alpha Family Office [Video]

Are you retiring or inherited money and need help with managing your assets for a new debt-free life and smart retirement? Call 1-573-441-7100 to start a dialogue about your new wealth and asset management needs. https://www.RetireGlobally.netOur advisors at Alpha Family Office ensure peace of mind by protecting our clients' assets with our proven estate planning and smart retirement strategies. Alpha Family Office helps optimize life with our estate planning and wealth management services. Since 1994, we have been helping clients protect their assets for smart retirement by creating customized estate and retirement strategies with robust financial portfolios to meet their long-term financial and lifestyle goals.For example, Individual B's predeceased spouse, Individual C, died before 2026, at a time when the basic exclusion amount was $11.4 million (USD). Individual C had made no taxable gifts and had no taxable estate. Individual C's executor elected, pursuant to §20.2010-2, to allow Individual B to take into account Individual C's $11.4 million DSUE amount. Individual B made no taxable gifts and did not remarry. The basic exclusion amount on Individual B's date of death is $6.8 million.Because the total of the amounts allowable as a credit in computing the gift tax payable on Individual B's post-1976 gifts attributable to the basic exclusion amount (zero) is less than the credit based on the basic exclusion amount allowable on Individual B's date of death, this paragraph (c) does not apply. The credit to be applied for purposes of computing Individual B's estate tax is based on Individual B's $18.2 million applicable exclusion amount, consisting of the $6.8 million basic exclusion amount on Individual B's date of death plus the $11.4 million DSUE amount, subject to the limitation of section 2010(d).We address the challenges that many of our clients face in today's global economic environment of complex tax and regulatory changes during adverse or catastrophic market conditions (the so-called "black swan" unexpected events that can dramatically affect global markets and change lives). Alpha Family Office is the holistic solution available to people looking for stability and control of their assets through our financial planning, wealth management, administrative, and lifestyle services. Our family office creates customized estate and retirement strategies with robust financial portfolios to meet our clients' long-term lifestyle and financial goals. Our advisors would be glad to discuss our asset management, retirement planning, private banking, insurance, annuities, trusts, wills, and all available Medicare options for your state.We also develop custom equity portfolios for clients with rather complex international asset management needs. Call now +15734417100 to learn how we could help optimize your life.All Rights Reserved (C) 2022Alpha Family Office----------------------------------------------To contact us via email, visit: