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Top Rated Gold IRA Companies πŸ† 4 Keys to Choose Custodian πŸ”‘ [Video]

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Top Rated Gold IRA Companies πŸ† 4 Keys to Choose Custodian πŸ”‘

Top Rated Gold IRA Companies πŸ† 4 Keys to Choose Custodian πŸ”‘ Protect Your Retirement Savings ➑️ βœ… Get your FREE info kit on gold now to LEARN MORE about how to protect your retirement savings and safeguard your IRA or 401(k) – only with this little-known IRS “loophole” πŸ†.

#1 Ratings, Ratings & Ratings

It is recommended that you select top gold IRA companies that have numerous positive reviews from the former clients. Other important ratings should come from authority bureaus such as Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), and TrustLink.

#2 IRA Fee Structure

Instead of opting for a top gold IRA companies who have scaled fee policies that will grow together with the account size, you need to find top gold IRA companies with flat annual fees.

#3 Efficiency & Delivery Time

There are some previous clients who have stated the fact that they have waited up to 60 days for their accounts to be ready and their precious metals to be delivered. Considering the fact that the economic landscape is very uncertain nowadays, you should not accept this delay.

#4 Pushy Salesmen or Unfriendly Customer Support

Avoid all the agents who encourage you to invest in collectibles and numismatic coins because these objects will bring profits only for them. These collectibles are not approved by the IRS for IRAs, they are also not recommended for investors.

Get your FREE info kit on gold now to LEARN MORE about how to protect your retirement savings and safeguard your IRA or 401(k) – only with this little-known IRS “loophole”. ➑️ βœ… πŸ†.


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The IRS Wants Access to Your Bank (Bidens Sinister Plan) [Video]

The IRS Wants Access to Your Bank (Bidens Sinister Plan). Mr. Biden along with the IRS have proposed a new plan for fiscal year 2022.....and that's to get banks to give you information about YOUR bank account information on transactions of $600 and over. In this video we will cover exactly what the government is proposing to make sure they get their tax revenue from your private account and have no transaction under $600 go without getting their "cut". This is also a COMPLETE violation of our 4th amendment rights! 0:00 Intro 0:40 What Biden has proposed 2:40 The counter argument 5:35 The second thing that Biden wants 9:09 Daniel's big picture question 11:45 Final thoughts Government Fiscal Policy FY2022: Thanks for Subscribing & Liking our Video! Get Our 1:1 Real Estate Investing Coaching and Mentoring: FREE 7 Day Trial To PropStream Real Estate Investing Software: Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years (On Average): Get Our FREE Book "Break Free From Your Mortgage" Get Our FREE Book "0 To 75 Units in 1 Year" JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR LANDLORDS: Are you a Business Owner? Start Accepting Credit Card Payments with Lower Fees: ======================== ---DISCLAIMER--- The suggestions, advice, and/or opinions that are given by Sam Kwak and Daniel Kwak (The Kwak Brothers) are simply opinions. There are no guarantees of set outcomes. Listeners, guests, and attendees are advised to always consult with attorneys, accountants, and other licensed professionals when doing a real estate investment transaction. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to hold The Kwak Brothers and its brand harmless from any liabilities and claims. Not all deals will guarantee any profit or benefits. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to view and listen to all materials and contents furnished by the Kwak Brothers as a perspective based upon experience.

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$200 Monthly Update - Social Security, SSI, VA - Infrastructure Package?#ssi #ssdi #socialsecuritySocial Security retirement, Social Security disability, supplemental security income, and veteran affairs beneficiaries going forward into 2021. It has been proposed that Social Security beneficiaries get a $200 per month raise going forward into 2021, this includes SSA, SSDI, SSI, and VA beneficiaries. ssi, ssdi, social security, ssa, SSI benefit, SSDI benefit, Social Security benefit, Ssa benefit, Va benefit, Social security retirement, Social Security disability, Ss benefit, Social security increase, Social security raise, SSI raise, SSI increase, 200 social security raise, Social security 2021, SSI 2021, $200 SSI raise, $200 social security increase, $200 social security raise 2021, $200 raise, $200 increase,$200 SSI increase, stimulus, Checks, stimulus check, investing, stock market, stocks for beginners, money, third stimulus check, third stimulus check update, unemployment update, stimulus checks, fourth stimulus check, stimulus check update jimmy, robinhood, update on third stimulus check, fourth stimulus checks, fourth stimulus, stimulus check update today, student loan forgiveness, ssi ssdi increase, Child credit, child stimulus, child tax credit, student loan cancellations

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Historically, many Americans have planned to rely on Social Security to get them through retirement. But what happens if Social Security isn’t enough to help you secure the retirement you want and know you deserve?In this episode, J. Barry Watts discusses some of those tough questions about Social Security, and helps you to understand how you can optimize that benefit to become your largest financial asset.Barry discusses:- The age at which you should start to file for Social Security- The minimum qualifications for Social SecurityΒ - A breakdown of how Social Security is funded- How to maximize your Social Security benefit should your spouse pass awayΒ - How to avoid taxes on your Social Security- And moreResources:How to Have More Tax Free Income in RetirementConnect With Barry Watts:office@savingyoutaxes.comΒ 800-278-1755SavingYouTaxes.comLinkedIn: J Barry WattsLinkedIn: SavingYouTaxesDisclosure: The content has been made available for informational and educational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional tax and investment advice always seek the advice of your own qualified advisor with any questions you may have regarding taxes and investing.