This Is HoltonWiseTV – 2021 [Video]

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This Is #HoltonWiseTV is video series consisting of short clips and or highlights of the things we do & talk about here on #HoltonWiseTV. These clips are intended to give viewers a sneak peak at what they can expect when subscribing to #HoltonWiseTV to watch our full length content or working with our team to invest in Real Estate.

As you start or grow your real estate investment business you may be thinking about utilizing direct mail marketing in order to reach motivated sellers directly. In addition to finding off market properties by contacting motivated sellers directly, direct mail marketing can help any wholesaler or real estate investor build a cash buyers list. There are many real estate apps as well as real estate data providers out there that can help real estate investors with their direct mail marketing strategies. Which real estate app is the best for direct mail marketing? In this video …