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The Macro Minute | May 16, 2022 [Video]

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The Macro Minute | May 16, 2022

The Macro Minute is 42 Macro’s daily morning snapshot of what Darius Dale is seeing in the overnight markets and where he’s focused before the US stock market opens.

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Retirement Planning

Great News! Low Income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI [Video]

Great news! Social Security, SSDI, SSI beneficiariesIn this video, we are discussing some cool things we are doing right here on the channel specifically focused on low income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI beneficiaries as well as seniors, older adults and people with disabilities. Maintaining our commitment to you in this community, we are doing everything we can to reach out to assist everyone here in this community. This is specifically focused on low income, Social Security, SSDI, SSI beneficiaries as well as low income, seniors and anyone else here in the community. We started this Amazon project a few months ago and it has been a huge success so far. Sending out the necessities that those of you hear in the community who need extra things right now. as we continue to watch all the latest updates out of the administration, Congress, as well as anything in regards to these new bills, Packages, Stimulus, Stimulus checks, fourth stimulus check or changes out of Social Security, SSDI, SSI and Social Security raise, SSDI Raise, SSI raise, we want to continue doing anything we possibly can to Assist and help everyone here in this community $34 for free when you sign up and deposit $0.01 here: and I take our coffee and tea pretty seriously.  It gives me energy to do my research and make these videos.  Here are some of our favorite drink items on Amazon!  The best coffee maker on the market for the price, Keurig.  We use it everyday and it’s on sale for $99. favorite Keurig flavors are Starbucks and Caribou - so much cheaper than leaving the house per coffee!Starbucks $0.70/serving: $0.43/serving: cups are amazing, and here’s the big tumbler that can keep ice water ice cold all day and last a lifetime. $16 Yeti-style stainless steel tumbler also has great reviews, and is under half the price!’s favorite Tea? Twinings English Breakfast Honey & Vanilla! Only $0.18/serving if you get the 6 pack: you may enjoy:Join the Fan Club Here:$34 of FREE Stocks Here - This is where I trade stocks & invest: make sure to subscribe to the Blind to Billionaire channel as it is our dedication to continuously do research each and every day and deliver that valuable information here in these short videos. It is our commitment to help you get as much money, benefits, checks, as well as anything else right now during this very busy time. The Blind to Billionaire community is very much committed to you and helping you out in any way we possibly can. Thank you so much for your continued support.Also, please be sure to share this video or any of those here on the channel with your friends, family, social media and go back and check out any of the other thousands of videos we have here in our video library.***Disclaimer*** All the material in this video is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial, legal, accounting, tax, investment advice, or advice in any way. This information should be used as general information for entertainment purposes, we highly advise you speak to your professional for specific information. We are not liable in any way, shape, or form as a result of any information discussed in this video. Links shown above are affiliate links which will result in the creator receiving a small commission upon the use/registration of the link provided.Blind to Billionaire is a dedicated YouTube channel to bring you daily updates and information to be The most valuable and high-quality information for this community. Blind to Billionaire is very dedicated to this community so please make sure to subscribe, share this video and check out any of the other thousands of videos here on the channel.#SocialSecurity #SSDI #SSI #Retirement #Seniors #Elderly #LowIncome #SocialSecurityRetirement #Disability #Money #BlindToBillionaire