The Investment Properties For Sale Show [Video]

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As the number one seller of investment property in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area Holton-Wise Broker & Co-Founder James Wise provides investors from all over the world with full videofootage and analysis of the most profitable investment properties in the Cleveland, Ohio market.

If you are a real estate investor who is looking at investing out of state you might think that turnkey real estate investing is your only option. That isn't true. In this episode of TheInvestment Properties For Sale Show the HoltonWiseTV team presents real estate investors with a highly profitable BRRRR deal located in Cleveland, Ohio.

In this episode of The Investment Properties For Sale Show James Wise is offering real estate investors the opportunity to tour & bid on two turnkey rental properties in Euclid, Ohio. These are two semi detached single family homes that are going to come with full service property management, …