The highest-yielding stocks on the TSX, plus risk data [Video]

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The table below ranks all S&P/TSX companies by indicated dividend yield, according to Bloomberg data.

Yield-paying index stocks where no credit rating is available from either rating agency are excluded from the table. It is intended as a starting point for further research.

We hope the data provided is helpful and credible, but recognize it is not sufficient grounds for actual market transactions on its own.

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Investors should verify the data provided and investigate all cases where ‘NAs’ appear in the table before making buy and sell decisions.

As for methodology, we are relying heavily on long-term credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s. Credit rating, payout ratio and trailing price to earnings ratios are included so that investors can begin to assess the sustainability of current dividend income and the potential for dividend growth over time.

Notes on data: The dividend yield quoted is based on annualizing the …


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