The #1 Question To Ask When Hiring A Property Manager Company [Video]

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Real estate investors who want to purchase Jacksonville rental properties should know that not all property management companies are created equal. When hiring a property management company, you should ask plenty of questions during the interview process. 

For example, does the rental property management team have your best interest in mind, or are they focused on their bottom line? If you want to maximize your positive cash flow returns, it is essential for you to look at all your real estate investment options and if your goals align with your rental property manager.

Know Your Real Estate Investment Options and Goals

For decades, rental property investors and property managers have had different goals and incentives. 

Real estate investors who spend time flipping houses rarely worry about hiring a property management company. They focus on short-term real estate investments to purchase for low prices, repair quickly, and sell for higher prices to make a profit.

The other real estate …