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Teaching Kids About Money [Video]

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Teaching Kids About Money

This is how teaching your kids about money sets your children up for financial success! Money can be a frightening subject for most people. Create generational wealth by using your very own private family bank!

Cole Snell is joined by Winnie Lau and her daughter Emaghea in this video about setting your children up for financial success. Learn Emaghea’s mind-blowing financial realization and the level of relief Winnie feels for her daughter every day!

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0:00 Introduction
2:43 Cash Smart For Life
5:15 Young People and Financial Confidence
9:31 Cash Value Life Insurance / Infinite Banking Concept
12:53 Generational Wealth & The Private Family Bank
17:01 Policy Loans and Accessing Money In Life Insurance
23:37 The Owner, The Beneficiary and The Life Insured
27:02 What Does It Feel Like To Own Your Own Bank?
37:30 Parents Feeling MASSIVE Relief For Their Kids


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Chris Kirkpatrick launched LIFE180 as a solution to a problem. As the director of business development for a Fortune 1000 life insurance / broker dealer, he became disenchanted with the financial industry because of the lack of education provided to clients and how “financial advisors” were really just glorified sales people.

So… LIFE180 was launched to help give relevant financial education for people to create wealth. Along the journey, LIFE180 has evolved. Chris quickly realized he was passionate about not just helping entrepreneurs on how to leverage their money, but how to build their businesses.

Over the past 5 years, Chris has spent thousands of hours mastering the art of online business development for himself and clients. In 2020, LIFE180 morphed into a full service online business launch and development agency. If you need any help creating more revenue or generating more leads online, LIFE180 can help.


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*All content in this video is for educational purposes only and is not to be interpreted as personal financial advice.

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Selling Life Insurance is like MAILBOX MONEY #Shorts [Video]

#SteveHouston #AgentSuccessAcademy #MortgageProtectionSalesWork from anywhere you want, anytime, anyplace, Virtual Insurance Sales..Legally Blind Agent submits $34,000 in his first 3 WeeksFIRED, Quit Over Health Decision? FREE Virtual Platform You Earn 6 Figures plus HIRING NOWWe want to hire you 6 figures Plus Virtual from AnywhereSteve Houston Contact Information. Cell: 530-320-8742 is the Channel About?On this Channel, we are going to discuss Selling Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, and Retirement Protection and Annuities, all things Financial Services. We discuss the various IMO Insurance Organizations such as NAA, National Agents Alliance, AIL, American Income Life, Symmetry Financial, Equis Financial, First Family Life, and others, we present the facts backed by third-party documentation and allow you to decide. Video Release Schedule:On Sunday I will release another video and the theme will be Random.Be sure to comment, like, hit the Bell for instant notifications of new video content, and then mash the Subscribe Button, and I hope to read your comments daily.Also, consider joining the Agent Success Academy! Whether you start a Mortgage Protection Final Expense or any business, success starts with YOU! Join me in this 7 week series on the Success Habits that Work, I will be covering some success habits I learned many years ago in a one-day Seminar.There will be handouts for you to follow.For you to get these handouts, click this link enter your name and email address and each week they will be emailed to you so you can take full advantage of this Series.Click this link to join this series and get the weekly course handouts.———— Check our other videos : The 10 Things you need to know Before You sign with an IMO:I talk about that in this video: It is not just a Sign Up Thing, it is much more than thatUnless you’re signing up with a network marketing type IMO, and being with a friend or family member is important, who you sign up with is critical to your success. I talk about that in this video: your Mortgage Protection and Final Expense Recruiter is (NOT) telling you:I talk about that in this video:’s Scams?I talk about that in this video: me and let’s set up a time to discuss, the 10 Things you need to know before you sign with an IMO and what I feel is The Agency Difference, we can then discuss the Compensation plan, income case studies and examples, carriers we use and contracting guidelines. Steve Houston Contact Information. Cell: 530-320-8742

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Poem Alpha Life Insurance Innovative Solutions [Video]

Life Insurance Innovative Solutions from Alpha.The Alpha Guardian of LifeTo guard our life with swift protection,is what we do,in our direction.Insuring reasons,from disaster,to live forever,and much faster.From simple incidents in life to bigger,accidents pass by.To guard our living,and succeed.We must insure,our bigger need.Insurance something we discoverin chase for reasons to uncover,for our protection from bad deed,in things we see, yet never did.With God's protection,from the failure,we do embrace the Alpha's Flavor.By helping others to survive in chase for freedom,past one's life.We do that swiftly,from the need,to help the people to succeed.Insuring others with the flow,with Alpha's Flavor and much more.What if we can discover need,for life insurance to succeed?Will we embrace it and pursue?Or will we simply never do?Why not discover innovation?From building blocks of Alpha's station.Where train is passing left and right,yet Alpha present by your side.The station stays,yet moments pass.Will you embrace the newest quest?Of building future with the flow,with Alpha's flavor and much more.Embracing blockchain,and AI, to help you see with better eye.For what is real, and what's true,for who have died, and what's not true?If you have chuckled,and agree, then welcome hunter,to new be.Embrace the cloud and AI,with data driven freedom mind.Fly further quicker than before,with god much closer help you more.Be freedom eagle, with success, learn from disasters,and be best.Fly like a bird,with nice AI that helps yousee disasters mind.Learn when the chillers and ACs,stop pumping air, and stop to freeze.Freeze for the moment,with your mind.Then think of wording by your side.God is good...all the time...and all the time...god is good.If you have read this pure reflectionof simple constant swift connection.Then think of something truly new.For what is real and your clue.With Alpha's flavor,you will fly,and slice the data with your mind.Ok...not really but quiet close,with our solutions and your thirst.The thirst for bigger, better more,the thirst for better than before.Creating impact left and right,with Alpha's flavor in your mind.Embracing changes, and success,in your own story and great quest.Become the Guardian of life,embrace good Alpha's freedom mind,learn secret tactics for success,secure your apps and be the best.Construct the testing for disaster,enjoy the monitoring faster.Reduce the costs, and faulty claims,become robust with Alpha's phase.Ensure much faster innovation,with data mesh infused relation.Continue dry runs time to time,with smooth synthetics auto mind.Enjoy intelligent prescriptions,for business agents with less frictions.Produce much better (NOI) an oh ey,discover Alpha and their mind.Reduce the impact of a failure,from bad disaster not in favor.Create a vision with success,become the guardian of quest.Become protector from disaster,and gain with Alpha freedom faster.The god is closer by your side,with cloud solutions Alpha's mind.We'll help securing data more,and infrastructure with the flow.While guarding you as you guard them,the other people and yourself.As you continue with your quest,forecast the future and gain fast.Predict disasters with ML,and learn the nature of it well.With Alpha data expertise,we'll help you gain and feel at ease.Reducing risk and see the light,in data driven NOI (an oh eye).Imagine flying like a bird,with smart intelligence in world,realizing forecasts right before,disaster strikes to help you more.Would that be interesting or bad?Will that be helpful or not bad?Do not just ponder anymore,embrace the Alpha furthermore.You will discover greater light,to be the Guardian of Life.Alpha Team

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