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Tax Increases, Inflation & Market Volatility Coming [Video]

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Tax Increases, Inflation & Market Volatility Coming

Are you aware of the dangers that could significantly impact your hard-earned money? Make sure you’re protecting yourself from any potential threats! Learn more about how you can avoid losing money from the tax increases, inflation & market volatility coming!

To your abundance!
Doug Andrew

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:07 How Taxes And Inflation Affect Your Money
02:55 How To Protect Yourself From Inflation
04:12 3 Biggest Dangers That Affect Your Money
05:30 What Is The 4% Rule?
06:42 Advantages Of Using Max-Funded Universal Life Insurance
07:36 How Indexing Works
08:37 Benefits Of Using The LASER Fund
09:59 Learn More About The LASER Fund

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Zurich Pensions. Small actions can have great impact (20") [Video]

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New Parents

A robust digital presence is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity… making technology so important to grow your practice and business. Watch this video for ways to use marketing technology with tips to help you grow your practice.We cover why technology is so importantThe financial planning industry is undergoing change as baby boomers age and a younger wave of clients come forward with different needs and preferences. How we communicate and get leads or prospects needs to change too, making a robust digital presence a necessity.We cover reasons to invest in technology Today you may still rely on traditional communication methods, but now it’s so much more important to focus on your digital tools, including website, email marketing, social media and others. Simple actions you can take right away as you look at technology and your business and practice. Grow your business faster – With the right technology, you can start automating how you gain new business.Deepen existing client relationships – Email marketing technology can help automatically stay in touch with clients with helpful and actionable information.Accomplish more with less – Typically there’s an upfront time and resource cost. Once setup, many of these tools run automatically to help you grow your business with less effort.Financial advisor marketing technology and digital tools to help with lead generation. For more information and additional resources, visit #leadgeneration #marketingforfinancialadvisors