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Can I Take Advantage Of The Volatility Of Bitcoin By Buying Low And Selling High? YQA 224-4 [Video]

In this video we’re answering the question “Can I Take Advantage Of The Volatility Of Bitcoin By Buying Low And Selling High?” The White Coat Investor wants to help you stop doing dumb things with your money, so in this video series we answer questions you have submitted.To get your questions answered by The White Coat Investor, visit and record your question.The White Coat Investor has been helping doctors with their money since 2011. Our free financial planning resource covers a variety of topics from doctor mortgage loans and refinancing medical school loans to physician disability insurance and malpractice insurance. Learn about loan refinancing or consolidation, explore new investment strategies, and discover loan programs for specifically aimed at helping doctors. If you’re a high-income professional and ready to get a “fair shake” on Wall Street, The White Coat Investor channel is for you!Subscribe Here: Website: https://www.whitecoatinvestor.comStudent Loan Advice: https://studentloanadvice.comFacebook: Courses: https://whitecoatinvestor.teachable.comNewsletter:

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Market Volatility in Retirement: Are You Prepared? [Video]

In our February, 2019 webcast, OJM Group Director of Financial Planning Michael Lewellen, CFP®, explains the “sequence of returns” and its potential effect on an investment portfolio during retirement. He discusses how market volatility can threaten an investor’s long-term retirement goals and outlines a strategy that can help to hedge this risk.

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Retirement Accounts! IRA Vs 401K! Why I Dont Invest in either….. #FinanceFriday [Video]

Today we cover Retirement Accounts and 5 Reasons why I do not invest in them. A lot of Youtuber’s and Finance Media tend to only give you the rosy side of Retirement Accounts. In this episode we cover:1. You lock up your money till 59 1/22. Withdrawals are taxed as “Earned Income” (The Highest Rates)3. High Fees Associated with many plans4. Opportunity Cost and Lost Opportunities from Employer Restrictions5. Promotes a lack of Financial Education.The Dad Manual is not meant to be financial, medical, or interpersonal communication advice. Any items that could be construed as advice is just my commentary and is given for entertainment purposes only. You should always do more research before acting than just blindly following a video content creator.You can find episodes of The Dad Manual released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For direct contact with me, email at thedadmanual@gmail.comYoutube episodes, Podcasts, Blog Posts, and other Commentary found on The Dad Manual or Dad’s Comics, is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by ANYONE. None of what is discussed on those media should be considered financial advice. Unless already disclosed, all items used without express permission. All Discussions within the channel are meant for entertainment purposes only. No Challenge to the Copyright owners status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners. Please support those owners of any product we discuss.