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$TIME to make your money work for you! 🤑 [Video]

$TIME to make your money work for you! is a follow up on the the highly popular $TIME to be your own bank (part 3) ( video posted yesterday. I explain a bit more what we can achieve by getting a free loan on MAI Finance by expanding on the concepts based on Polygon and using the same concepts on the Avalanche and Fantom networks.TONS OF TIME STAMPS BELOW(You can skip over the parts you know already).USEFUL LINKS: $TIME to be your own bank (PART 1) ($TIME to be your own bank (PART 2) ($TIME to be your own bank (PART 3) ( APY calculation ( STAMPS:00:00 Recap about getting a 0% loan with MAI Finance on Polygon01:07 Interesting alternative to Abracadabra02:36 Depositing on Aave03:40 Why this is better than staking on Binance05:30 Compounding on MAI Finance06:28 Interest-free (0%) loan on MAI Finance08:10 Swap the $MAI tokens for $KLIMA09:04 A word about centralized exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, etc.)11:16 $TIME to make your money work for you on Avalanche12:20 Aave on Avalanche13:44 Compounding on Beefy14:30 Depositing the $mooAaveAVAX token on MAI Finance15:40 Why doing this with $AVAX? Why not just sell it?17:15 Get an interest-free (0%) loan to buy $TIME and stake it17:50 Depositing $AVAX on Beefy (step by step)19:40 Creating a vault on MAI Finance20:02 Depositing the $mooAaveAVAX tokens in the vault21:30 Borrowing $MAI (stable coin) at 0% interest23:04 We could swap $MAI for $TIME for instance24:28 MAI finance vaults on Fantom25:45 Using Beefy again on Fantom to compound interest26:40 We could be using the interest free loan to buy $wMEMO on Fantom28:30 DEFI lego blocks28:52 We could go on even further and borrow against $wMEMO on Abracadabra30:30 The daisy chain31:00 Start small and learn to use each lego block32:18 The multiplier effectYou can download my complete Low Risk High Reward Crypto Strategies book for FREE in PDF format here: can also buy the book on Amazon here: comments below comme from scammers and spammers. While we do our best to remove them, you’re warned to be careful and not to answer or contact them.DISCLAIMER:This presentation is for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only. Nothing is this presentation is financial, legal, tax or any other kind of advice. Nothing presented here is an inducement to make any particular investment or to follow any specific strategy. Make your strategy with the help of your own certified professionals only. Whatever you invest in is at your risk. Please do your own research and consult certified professionals before investing in anything whatsoever.