Stocks Don’t Always Come Back… [Video]

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Stocks Don’t Always Come Back…

Over the past few years, quantitative easing along with an extremely bullish stock market has trained many new retail investors to constantly go all-in on every dip. Given that dips haven’t lasted that long, it didn’t make sense for them to hold onto much cash. While this strategy has worked quite well over the past 2 years, many have likely noticed that this is not always a steller strategy especially when the stock market is experiencing an extended downturn. Such circumstances remind us of some famous crashes in the stock market which have led to many companies either going bankrupt or never recovering. Cisco, Intel, and AT&T are all yet to revisit their dot-com peaks from 22 years ago. And even the companies that did survive and go on to be huge spent several years simply trying to recover to their dot-com peak. This video explains the truth about stocks that don’t always come back and why you should probably avoid going all-in on every dip.

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0:00 – Stocks Don’t Always Come Back
1:12 – The Disruptors
3:44 – The Survivors
6:06 – Stuck Forever
9:00 – Index Investor
10:31 – Course Of Action