Startups 🧐 business advisor value [Video]

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Startups 🧐 business advisor value

Startups 🧐 business advisor value
Get more value from your startup advisors
How to use mentors more effectively

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In this episode I share best practices for working with your advisors and mentors.
Advisors should be more than just a pretty face on your pitch deck. You give them equity, so you should maximize their value to you.
Advisors can help you with startup funding, angel investors, venture capital, pitch decks, growth hacking, startup marketing, product sales, PR, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Lance Cottrell has been an active startup advisor and startup mentor for over a decade.
His advice and mentoring can supplement or replace startup accelerators or startup incubators like Y Combinator.
He provides help with startup funding including raising venture capital and angel investment.
He can help you achieve liquidity for your company at a high valuation.
Feel the Boot is a startup vlog of tips and advice for early-stage founders.