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Startup EduTech helps Costa Rica government reduce school dropout and improve education [Video]

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The COVID-19 pandemic showed that technology can be a powerful tool in education – online systems allowed students to migrate to homeschooling in a matter of weeks as governments tried to contain the spread of the virus. But much more can be done.

With high dropout rates, Costa Rica engaged with startup EduTech de Centro America to design, develop and implement a Student Registration and Early Warning System, which allows for the transmission of data alerts that help the education system react to risks that can affect students’ achievements.

“In the first quarter [of 2020], 90,000 students were not in our schools because we went from face-to-face service to a virtual service so we could react very quickly,” said Rafael Ramirez Pacheco(pictured, right), product manager at the Costa Rica Ministry of Education. “The idea was to locate where students were and in the next four months we could reduce the dropout from …