Shortages To Drive Commodity Prices MUCH Higher Investment Watch [Video]

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by Adam Taggart, Founder, Wealthion

Rick Rule has invested in hundreds of public and private mining, drilling & farming ventures over his long career as a natural resources investor.

And based on that expertise, he sees a very bright future ahead for commodities and the companies that produce them.

Yes, rising inflation and further money printing will add a tailwind to this trend. As will the expected increased demand from the many infrastructure projects the major nations of the world are embarking on.

But Rick sees limited supply as the most important factor that will drive prices higher from here.

There simply will be too little tangible “stuff” to meet demand.

And shortages will become increasingly common over the next five years.

Watch Adam Taggart’s interview with Rick to learn which specific companies he thinks are best positioned to benefit from this next commodity supercycle.

And if you’re looking for help on how to manage …


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