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Session Lessons: The Texas budget [Video]

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Just as most Texans live off a budget, the state does too. But creating the Texas budget is much more complex than anything residents go through each month.

DALLAS — The 87th legislative session began in January, but the budget process started before that.

Every agency and department inside state government puts together a request for funding long before the session begins.

Those requests are sent to the Legislative Budget Board, or the LBB.

The LBB has staff members who assist in the budgeting process. But the decision makers who make up the board are the Lieutenant Governor, the House Speaker, four state senators and four state representatives.

The LBB reviews those agency requests and develops an appropriations bill that is sent to the senate and house in the first few weeks of the legislative session.

In those early days of a session, Gov. Greg Abbott also weighs in with …

Long-Term Care Planning

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