Seller Financing | 3 Creative “Interest Payment” Strategies for Real Estate Investing [Video]

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This video reveals 3 creative strategies for using the term “interest” in seller-financed real estate deals. This is a tiny part of investing in real estate without having to deal with a bank for a loan. To start from the beginning watch this video next:

If you’d like to dive straight into the “how-to” of buying real estate with seller financing, this video here would be what you want to watch next:

If you’ve got a good grasp on how seller financing works and you want to FIND more of these types of property deals, you’ll be all over this video here:

Lastly (for now), if it’s been a challenge to get sellers to say “Yes!” to your creative financed offers, you’ll get some great tips and methods to get them to sell their property to you here:


Essential “Velocity of Money” Tools:

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