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Retirement Planning Glamping Rental Income Business Model for Retirement or Investment [Video]

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Retirement Planning Glamping Rental Income Business Model for Retirement or Investment

Retirement planning or investment planning; Glamping rental business; Low, low start-up; Provenhigh income potential

Early Retirement Income TS Investment $1000+ RETIREMENT
Hi guys. This is an urgent land early retirement income investment which you have a limited time to make a decision. All of the necessary information is located on the auction page. For less than $1000 you can get started in the land business and the rental income business. All expenses are tax-deductible, however, land can never be depreciated. This land is already zoned for RV or tent living, meaning glamping will not be a problem. Or you can live on the property. It is close to a small town and only 50 miles from a large city. With little to no monthly expenses except for your water, food, transportation cost and your travel wi-fil which allows you to connect to the Internet.
One of the reasons this type of property is so very profitable as a rental is because these types of properties are rented all the time on sites like and Between these two sites, you will find more than enough consistent clients. If your property has amenities such as this property, a lake, a nearby golf course, safe environment, then you have a winner. This type of business model did well before the pandemic and DURING the pandemic, so it is pandemic and recession-proof. If recession becomes an issue, just lower your prices. Put up a glamping tent and rent.
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