Research Business With Dan Mourich [Video]

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Research Business With Dan Mourich

In today’s episode, we are joined by Dan Mourich, the Co-Founder of Biotesserae. Dan is a trained neurologist, an immunologist who moved into the drug development sector about 18 years ago. Biotesserae focuses on developing drugs for canine cancer treatments that are simple procedures, easy to access, and financially affordable for pet owners. Tune in as we speak about what motivated Dan to start Biotesserae, how is animal drug development process different from human drug development, why is Biotesserae considered a disruptor in the space, and what lessons Dan and his team learned when looking for a partner and funding for Biotesserae.


[05:27] Dan’s career background [12:01] How is the drug approval process with the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) different from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) [16:35] Challenges that come with funding and finding a partner [19:19] How are Dan and his team disrupting the space in the animal drug industry [28:01] Challenges that Dan faced as a new entrepreneur and how he approached them [31:25] Talking to granting agencies versus talking to investor require a different set of skills


The FDA process is very onerous and expensive. While dealing with the USDA is less time-consuming and less onerous because they partake in helping to develop a drug, to get it to the clinic, as opposed to just being an imposition. Pharma companies adopt new technology by taking human drugs that are no longer used and putting them into veterinary clinics to see if they’ll work. Biotesserae builds from the ground up by developing drugs specific for canine cancer. Traditional dog cancer treatments are expensive. But Biotesserae is developing a simple treatment in the form of injections. That means dog owners could give the cancer treatment at home.


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