RENS Episode 23: Success Is Time with Dan Kryzanowski [Video]

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RENS Episode 23: Success Is Time with Dan Kryzanowski

Ben had a great talk with his good friend, Dan Kryzanowski. Dan is an active real estate advisor, investor, and partner, and has raised millions of dollars across multiple channels, including accredited investors, family offices, and investment advisors, while empowering his partners to raise seven-figures on multiple occasions. He specializes in niche segments, such as industrial and self-storage, complemented with a deep knowledge of tax-advantaged investing.

Let’s dive in.

Episode Highlights:
01:29 – Dan talked about his real estate niche and how he started
02:45 – Self-storage business: its benefits and drawbacks
05:47 – Dan shared more about the self-storage business and its viability
09:08 – Dan answered Ben’s question about the forced insurance he mentioned
10:00 – What’s a Self-directed retirement investment

“Whether you are a ‘investor’ or ‘syndicator’, be aware that we (in the US) can tap into our retirement dollars to invest in private assets such as real estate.”

12:14 – Recent laws/regulations for this industry
13:51 – Ben gave a quick shoutout to Rocket Dollar, Inc. for helping him out with his Self-Directed IRA for his investments
16:49 – Dan shared his plans about BV Capital
21:21 – What Dan gained from the events and conferences he attended
24:15 – How do you invest in yourself?
25:29 – How do you invest in the community?
26:56 – How do you define success?

“Success is Time.”

28:09 – Dan’s favorite part about the office in Scranton

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