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Red Rock General Store thanks community, celebrates final repairs with ice cream social [Video]

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The community raised more than $20,000 to help replace the roof of the family-owned business.

RED ROCK, Texas — This 4th of July weekend, the Red Rock General Store wanted to thank its community for helping it weather heavy damage taken in May.

"We thought if we can give at least a little bit of something that will bring somebody else happiness or joy, then that's a little bit of what we were feeling when they were helping us," Lydia Alexander said.

Alexander's grandparents bought the store from the original owners 25 years ago. The last time they replaced the roof was in 1998. In May, high winds ripped the tin roof off the top of the building, leading to flooding and leaking from the ceiling.

"My mom texted and said the roof of the store is in the street, to which I was like, excuse me, come again?" Lydia said.

Within six hours, …