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Reason 4 Of 5 To Borrow Money Instead Of Withdraw Money From An IUL Policy [Video]

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A client has earned 20% tax-free by borrowing out of his IUL policy. In this episode, I am going to address reason 4 of 5 to borrow money instead of withdrawing money from an IUL policy and help you understand what is an index loan and how you can earn more than the cost to borrow. Get Your FREE Copy Of The LASER Fund Today! To your abundance! Doug Andrew Key Moments In This Episode ======================== 00:00 Intro & Summary 00:53 How To Accumulate An Income Tax-Free Money 01:33 When Can IUL Policy Passed A LASER Fund 02:39 What Is Retirement 03:12 How Money Works In IUL Policy 04:14 Why Borrow Your Money 05:36 What Is An Indexed Or Participating Loan 06:29 What Is Indexing 07:57 What Is An Arbitrage 09:18 What Happened In 2017 10:37 What Is The Smart Way To Access Money 11:16 How To Learn More …