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Real Estate Cold Calling Example: How to speak to surviving spouses in probate [Video]

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Real Estate Cold Calling Example: How to speak to surviving spouses in probate

#realestate #coldcalling #probate Real Estate Cold Calling Example: How to speak to surviving spouses in probate/talk to people real estate conversations

David Pannell (Certified Probate Expert and founder of Pivot Agent) shares another real estate cold call example demonstrating why it’s so important to talk to people, rather than let a cold calling script run your relationships.

David reached a surviving spouse when prospecting expired listings. Because of his experience cold calling probate lists, he quickly built rapport through conversation, demonstrated knowledge of local succession laws, and asked the right questions about where the probate case was currently at. David was able to get a referral for one of the attorneys handling property in the estate.

A memorable conversation with a war veteran turned into two relationships with a possible 8 probate properties in the pipeline.

This real estate cold call example demonstrates the power of conversation and why you just need to talk to people, rather than follow a cold calling script to the tee. Though David uses techniques like asking open-ended questions, recall, and handles some soft objections, he is able to build relationships in his real estate business without sounding salesy. In fact, he actually has to take the initiative to get OFF the phone call as it starts taking too long.

Here are some key moments in this probate cold call:

0:00 Cold Calling Expired Leads that had property in probate
1:12 Asking discovery questions during cold calls
2:25 How to prospect widows about shared property in the estate
3:59 How to speak with surviving spouses and build rapport with real conversation
8:37 Asking about the probate case and the status of the inherited property sale
11:01 Survivorship rights and a soft keeping the house objection
14:32 Pivoting to opportunity on a cold call
19:50 Exiting a long cold call with permission to follow-up

If you’re wondering how to call surviving spouses in probate, or you avoid calling widows completely, please let this cold call shake that fear. At the end of the day, you’re just talking to people, learning their situations, and figuring out where you can go next.

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Want us to design a policy for you? E-mail Steve at: steve.parisi@ibcglobalinc.comSUBSCRIBE for MORE ➡️ an INNOVATOR ➡️ Policy Designer ➡️ US:📞 1-800-805-3707📧🌐 IBC Global Inc Website:🌐 Why Cash Value Life:───────────────────────SOCIAL MEDIA:Instagram ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ➡️───────────────────────Thank you all for watching and supporting us! Don't forget to subscribe!DISCLAIMER:All advice and/or opinions expressed in our videos are the result of our experience in the insurance and financial industries. Any action taken based on the information expressed in our videos is the sole responsibility of the viewer. All content produced by Steve Parisi and IBC Global Inc is made for informational purposes only. #Finance #MEC #Insurance

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