Prepare for turbulence in tech giants. Plus, the 8.5% yielding TSX 60 ETF and why analysts predict a doubling of this gaming stock [Video]

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The past two days has seen three separate stories that could form a dangerous inflexion point for megacap technology stocks.

The outpouring of disgust at Jeff Bezos’s ride into space Tuesday was only the latest example of inequality-derived populist anger towards the biggest winners from modern capitalism. Variety magazine’s headline Watching Jeff Bezos Go to Space Was More Depressing Than Inspiring typified the widely held belief that no one should be wealthy enough to fund their own space program.

Also on Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced the selection of Jonathan Kanter, a dedicated critic of Alphabet Inc., as Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division at the Department of Justice.

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CNBC described the appointment as “another shot across the bow at the Big Tech firms.” The White House had already selected Lina Khan, a proponent of harsher anti-trust regulation for technology companies, as head of the Federal Trade Commission. Technology site Gizmododescribed …