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Physical Gold IRA – Satori Traders [Video]

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Physical Gold IRA – Satori Traders

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Discover how Americans are protecting their retirement assets with physical Gold

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Because of rising Inflation and mounting World tension, investors are asking this question, “Can physical Gold be held in an IRA?”

And the answer is, “Yes!”

The IRS has allowed physical Gold in self-directed IRAs since the Taxpayer Relief Act was passed in 1997.

Investors can hold Gold Coins and bars from both government and third-party mints.

Gold IRA vs physical Gold

When investors ask about a Gold IRA versus physical Gold they are trying to understand how to purchase and own Precious metals.

In a Gold IRA tax-advantaged funds are used to purchase physical metal.

Existing Retirement accounts can be moved into a Gold IRA without triggering any IRS penalties or taxes.

To purchase Gold outside the financial system investors use after-tax money and take personal possession of the physical metal.

Benefits of Gold IRA

There are several benefits of Gold IRAs that investors typically mention:

– using existing Retirement accounts to purchase physical Precious metals
– diversifying a traditional Investment Portfolio of Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual funds
– creating a hedge against Inflation

Gold IRA tax rules

These Gold IRA tax rules are important to understand:
• the IRS allows Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Palladium Coins and bars
• distributions can be made in cash or physical metal
• distributions are treated as ordinary income

What is a Gold IRA

These points answer a lot of the common questions about what is a Gold IRA:
• opening a Gold IRA does not affect existing Retirement accounts
• investors are allowed to move money from one Retirement account to another without penalty
• only one move is allowed per year

Home storage Gold IRA

The IRS requires that a third-party Custodian hold the Precious metals in an IRA. Some investors create an LLC to act as this third-party Custodian and the Custodian stores the IRA Gold in a safe in the investor’s home.

This setup is referred to as a home storage Gold IRA. This is a very high-risk strategy.

What is a Gold IRA rollover

These four steps help clarify what is a Gold IRA rollover:
1. open a self-directed IRA with an IRS-approved Trustee
2. fund the account
3. pick a Custodian to hold the physical metal, and
4. choose which metals to hold

Funding the Gold IRA

A Gold IRA account can be funded using a rollover or transfer of existing retirement savings.

In a Gold IRA rollover the account Trustee of the existing account wires money to the Trustee for the new account.

In a Transfer the investor takes a cash distribution from the existing Retirement account and then deposits money into the Gold IRA account.

Gold IRA fees

There are Gold IRA fees that investors need to be aware of since these expenses don’t exist in accounts holding only paper securities:

– Broker fee to buy and sell physical metal
– Storage fee

The Broker fee for selling can be avoided at distribution time by taking physical Gold instead of cash.

Gold IRA reviews

Online customer reviews provide us a way to research these Gold IRA companies

The sites listed here provide resources where we can find Gold IRA reviews:
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Consumer Affairs
Google Reviews

Best Gold IRA

The best Gold IRA companies will likely meet all of these criteria:
• A+ rating at BBB
• 10+ years in business
• insured depository


With rising Inflation and the current World geopolitical situation holding Precious metals is more important than ever.

A physical Gold IRA allows investors to purchase physical Gold with their tax-advantaged retirement savings and gain all of the benefits of Precious metals Investment.

~ FTC Disclosure: Satori Traders is a fee-only California-registered Investment Advisor. We provide Precious metals information for free to help consumers educate themselves. The contents of this video do not constitute financial advice. Satori Traders provides financial advice exclusively to clients with assets under management as detailed in our Investment Management Agreement. Always perform your own analysis and due diligence when putting your hard-earned money at risk. Before making any Investment decision consult your own Investment, Financial, Tax, and Legal advisors. These professionals will make recommendations appropriate for your personal circumstances and tolerance for risk. We receive compensation from external companies when you do business with them.

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