Parcl dAppTestNet Walkthrough [Video]

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Parcl dAppTestNet Walkthrough

Parcl dApp TestNet is live!
We are extremely excited to announce the Parcl Protocol dApp testNet and provide public access to our community!

Parcl is a digital asset protocol, built on and backed by Solana, that is on a mission to deliver real estate to everyone. The protocol allows for the creation of synthetic “Parcls” which are tied to a valuation index that is representative of the average price per square foot within a given neighborhood.

With Parcl’s blockchain-based trading system, users can benefit from broad (or highly granular) exposure to the most desirable real estate markets in the world. Parcl requires no minimum investment, offers immediate liquidity, and carries low transaction fees, so investors can trade their favorite neighborhoods just like they trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto assets.

The Parcl testnet is an opportunity for developers, crypto enthusiasts, and anyone looking to participate in the future of real estate investing to become an early part of the Parcl protocol & community. It allows users to stress-test the recently released features of the protocol & provide feedback to the core devs. The team places a very high value on the input gathered during the testnet phase and early members will be rewarded for their participation.

The Parcl TestNet is launching on March 30th at 10 am EST and running through April 6th at 11:59 pm EST. Testnet participants that provide thoughtful, useful feedback will have an opportunity to earn a Whitelist spot for the Homeowners Association NFT among other benefits & rewards, where eligible.

We are calling on all community members to provide feedback and test our system so we can make it the best, most efficient product for our upcoming MainNet launch.