Ojai Valley News – Case Dismissed. So why is Ventura still suing us? [Video]

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Case Dismissed. So why is Ventura still suing us?

Published: Friday, 02 July 2021 08:53

Ojai Valley News

The launch to nowhere: The stairs to Lake Casitas now go to dry ground. Effective July 1, Ventura City Council rescinded its Stage 2 water-shortage event, “based on current supply,” while Casitas users remain in Stage 3.

The Santa Barbara Channelkeeper complaint against the city of Ventura has been dismissed. Ventura was taking too much water from the river and has now agreed to take less during the dry months.

Channelkeeper, an environmental watchdog group, is satisfied. The Ojai Post Office bell tower should be ringing sounds of sanity and hallelujah.

Redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim is a definition of fanaticism, and the Ventura City Council is still on the march up the hill for Ojai’s water. Water adjudication means a reshuffling of the deck, where ratepayers lose ($6 million as of December to Walnut Creek attorneys), and those able to grab more …