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NEW 10 10 FIA with Available 19% True Premium Bonus! [Video]

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NEW 10 10 FIA with Available 19% True Premium Bonus!

Looking for a 19% premium bonus FIA on a 10yr/10% compliant chassis? Join IAMS’ Nicole Blaine who will cover this new newly available leading bonus annuity.

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• 19% True initial premium bonus*
• Additional 3% bonus interest paid at end of term*
• Uncapped S&P 500 MARC 5 100% Participation Rate
• Uncapped Janus SG Guidance Index
• 10% Free Withdrawals available year 1*
• Issues to age 85
• RMD-friendly WDs
• 6.75% Commission
• Available to a limited group of producers

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Join Matt & Jason to explore the importance of diversification of assets, with an overview of the solutions that EquiTrust Life Company offers, to create a solid base for your client. We will also discuss the importance of Roth IRA conversions in a rising tax environment.Don't miss your chance to ramp up your sales in 2021 with these fantastic uncapped strategies and cutting edge sales ideas!