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Mutual Life Insurance Companies vs Stock Life Insurance Companies [Video]

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Mutual Life Insurance Companies vs Stock Life Insurance Companies

In this webinar, we will discuss the pros and cons of mutual life insurance companies versus stocks life insurance companies, as well as list our current top 10 best mutual life insurance companies. See

Mutual Companies offer dividend paying whole life insurance, a/k/a participating life insurance. See

Mutual life insurance companies, a/k/a “Mutuals,” have no shareholders. Instead, the policy owners are members of the corporation controlling the insurer, which grants them membership rights. Mutual insurance companies conduct business seeking to maximize the value for policy owners.

Stock life insurance companies are beholden to shareholders, like any other corporation, and must seek to maximize shareholder value, even if that comes at the policy owner’s expense.

The Rights of a Mutual Company Policyholder Include:
-Contractual Benefits
-Participation in Corporate Governance
-Receipt of Any Outstanding Value if Liquidation or Demutualization
-Operate in the Best Interest of Policyholders
-Ability to Launch Legal Action Against Directors and Officers if there is a Violation of Fiduciary Duties
-Profits Earned Kept in Company or Distributed to Policyholders

Our current top 10 Mutual Life Insurance Companies and its associated A.M. Best Rating in alphabetical order.

American United Life A+
Guardian Life A++
Lafayette Life A+
MassMutual A++
Minnesota Life A+
Mutual of Omaha A+
New York Life A++
Northwestern Mutual A++
Ohio National A+
Penn Mutual A+

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