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Molly Mae Hague’s composite bonds took three hours to remove [Video]

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Molly Mae Hague has given fans another update on her journey to getting her real teeth back after having her composite bonds removed. 

The Love Island star, 21, has been on a journey to reverse the cosmetic procedures she has had done in the past, and has also had her lip fillers dissolved in recent months. 

Molly recently revealed that she had had the composite bonds she’d been wearing for two years removed in order to go back to her natural teeth underneath. 

She revealed that the process had taken three hours as the dentist had ‘polished’ the composite bonds off in order to retain her real teeth underneath in the best condition possible. 

Molly said in her latest YouTube video: ‘The process of removing them was basically just me sitting in the chair and just him polishing my teeth for three hours just to get that composite bond away. 

‘There are quicker ways of doing it but to …

Financial Planning For Doctors

Aussie doctors refusing to offer AstraZeneca vaccines over legal concerns [Video]

Many doctors are refusing to offer the AstraZeneca vaccine to people under 50 fearing potential lawsuits if patients suffer side effects. The Sydney Morning Herald reports doctors are seeking legal clarification from the federal government saying they face a dangerous risk of litigation. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has advised New South Wales GPs not to administer the AstraZeneca vaccine unless there are exceptional circumstances while in Victoria the AMA said doctors should be guided by federal advice.The Federal government has instructed the AstraZeneca vaccine to be administered to under-50s when the benefits outweigh the risks.