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Modern Infinite Banking Advantages for Doctors (How Doctors Can Maximize Long Term Wealth Building) [Video]

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Modern Infinite Banking Advantages for Doctors (How Doctors Can Maximize Long Term Wealth Building)

Doctors and other medical practitioners have many unique needs due to the risk inherent nature of their profession and the challenges of operating a business, and Steve and Barry discuss how modern infinite banking offers many powerful options to suit these unique needs in this exciting new webinar.

Predictability vs Uncertainty

The primary benefit of using infinite banking for doctors is that is provides predictability. Typically, a doctor’s best return on investment (ROI) is going to be growing your own practice.

Many alternative investments come with inherent risks that may distract, or worse, take away from the growth of your practice.

But implementing the following strategies of Infinite Banking can provide a “safe bucket” that is dependable and predictable, but also provides some unique financial benefits not found elsewhere.

Debt and Taxes

Consider the U.S. Debt. It is currently at over $28 trillion. The United States’ future liabilities are over $160 trillion. The question becomes, how are we as a country going to pay this debt?

Add in the fact that retirement plans, such as the 401K, have largely underdelivered. And many company and state pensions are in jeopardy.

Finally, taxes are a huge burden, and they take a large percentage of our income now and in the future.

Is There a Solution?

We believe there is a solution. It is a solution used by many of the wealthy and the largest corporations. The solution is cash value life insurance.

And more specifically, dividend paying whole life insurance that is designed for maximum cash value growth, combined with a sound infinite banking strategy. See

Infinite Banking (17:00)

Nelson Nash created the concept in the 80’s. The concept uses a properly designed whole life policy as your own personal bank, storing your wealth in a tax favored financial instrument, that offers guaranteed growth, that you can access income tax free, allowing you to leverage your policy’s cash value as a means to purchase other income producing assets, such as real estate, to maximize your dollars. See

It is particularly important that you choose the best vehicle to practice infinite banking with, which is why we go into detail on some of the specifics to look for when choosing the right company and policy for you, as well as provide you illustrations so you can see the amazing growth that occurs over the long term.

Stop by our company website at for many more articles and resources on using infinite banking to exponentially grow your wealth throughout your lifetime.

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