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#marketfluidity 11.RISK MANAGEMENT 3.0 [Video]

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#marketfluidity 11.RISK MANAGEMENT 3.0

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Welcome to “LEARN TO EARN “. In this Video We discuss about “market fluidity” course.





Retirement Planning

Always Be Prepared For Both Sides Of The Market | Stock Market Technical Analysis [Video]

Today was the first time in the last two weeks where a major tech company went lower on bad earnings...Tonight we discuss putting yourself in a position of control & being prepared for both sides of the market tomorrow.--💰 LEARN DAN’S PROVEN STRATEGY 💰 Unlock Dan's PS60 Process in this FREE 4 hour training video (not a sales video or webinar, just recorded training by Dan to help you win): Join our Discord community: Accelerate your success by trading live with Dan for 1 month (only $97 one-time payment, 100% satisfaction guarantee):🤔 WHY TRUST DAN? 🤔Dan is a proud father of 2 and creator of the simple and highly effective PS60 Trading Process. He shares his 20+ years of trading experience every day with those who are eager to become successful traders.Dan has been in the trading world since 1998. He started his career at Generic Trading in NYC as one of the early members of the top prop trading desks led by his mentor and late friend – the great Mayer Offman. He ran his first office for Generic Trading in 2001. Through this experience, he realized the importance of risk management while running a group of traders. Generic was eventually sold to the Royal Bank of Canada. Years later, he led another trading group desk at Assent that was sold to Sunguard.Dan has traded through the Dot Com era, 9/11, and the mortgage bubble. He has traded along side some of the top prop traders during his career and made lifelong friendships. All the experience and screen time led him to start Access A Trader in 2010.Access A Trader focuses on Dan’s proven PS60 Process and daily education to help you find your edge, master your process, and own your future.--🎉 HEAR FROM OUR SUCCESSFUL TRADERS 🎉📈 ADDITIONAL WAYS TO LEARN FROM DAN 📉Subscribe For New Videos With Dan For Daily Market InsightsTwitter: Dan's Recent Market UpdatesNightly Analysis: Analysis:💚 COMMUNITY SUPPORT 💚Email or visit: your questions in the comments below and we’ll be happy to answer them 👍#Trading #AccessATrader #DanShapiro