Financial Planning For Doctors

Make Your Mind Up! ** Hedley Derenzie [Making Law of Assumption Easy in 2022!] [Video]

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Make Your Mind Up! ** Hedley Derenzie [Making Law of Assumption Easy in 2022!]

Do you find yourself changing your mind about what you want, thinking you want something only to change your mind to what something else? When we are uncertain about what we want, reality has to reflect this back in our experience. In this video, I’ll share exactly why it’s important to make your mind up about something and exactly how to do that.

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I’m Hedley Derenzie and I’m a qualified life coach, adult educator and author. I’m also passionate about the teachings of the Law of Assumption, as originally taught by Neville Goddard which reveal how we can create the life of our dreams simply by engaging the power of our imagination.

Stories create life. The quality of our stories will determine the quality of our life. So, if you want to change anything, then you have to start by changing the story.

We are all worthy and deserving of our ideal life and it all begins in our imagination with the stories we are choosing to focus on. I want to help people to tell better, more amazing stories and that’s why I’m here!


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Financial Planning For Doctors

Is Dental School More Expensive Than Medical School? - The White Coat Investor - Basics [Video]

Dental school tuition is higher than medical school. If you live in a state that requires a post-doctoral dental residency—unlike medical school residencies that pay a salary—dental school residencies actually charge tuition. So, you're delaying paying back your student loans and you're actively falling deeper into debt between the added tuition and living expenses. Dentists tend to have a greater debt-to-income ratio after graduating. While physician specialists typically come out of residency at or near their peak earnings capability, it can take up to 10 years for dental specialists to see their full earnings potential. That means it might take longer to pay off student loans, which in turn means you’ll be paying more interest in the long run.The White Coat Investor has been helping doctors with their money since 2011. Our free financial planning resource covers a variety of topics from doctor mortgage loans and refinancing medical school loans to physician disability insurance and malpractice insurance. Learn about loan refinancing or consolidation, explore new investment strategies, and discover loan programs for specifically aimed at helping doctors. If you're a high-income professional and ready to get a "fair shake" on Wall Street, The White Coat Investor channel is for you!Main Website: https://www.whitecoatinvestor.comYouTube: Loan Advice: https://studentloanadvice.comFacebook: Courses: https://whitecoatinvestor.teachable.comNewsletter: Is Dental School More Expensive Than Medical School?

Financial Planning For Doctors

Deposition of Doctor Expert Witness Charles Adelson v Berkshire Life Insurance LIFE INSURANCE [Video]

Health InsuranceOnly about 9.2% of the American population had no health insurance coverage in 2021, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports in its National Center for Health Statistics. More than 60% got their coverage through an employer or in the private insurance marketplace while the rest were covered by government-subsidized programs including Medicare and Medicaid, veterans' benefits programs, and the federal marketplace commonly known as Obamacare.Having medical insurance means that you have no reason to avoid an annual wellness visit or a doctor's visit for an occasional ailment. And you won't get stuck with a massive bill if you or a member of your family have an accident or develop a chronic disease.If you're on a very tight budget, even a minimal policy is better than none. If your income is low, you may be one of the 80 million Americans who are eligible for Medicaid. If your income is moderate but doesn't stretch to insurance coverage, you may be eligible for subsidized coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act.The best and least expensive option for salaried employees is usually participating in your employer's insurance program, if your employer has one. The average annual premium cost to the employee in an employer-sponsored health care program was $7,739 for single coverage and $22,221 for a family plan in 2021, according to research published by the Kaiser Family Foundation.