Long-Distance Real Estate Investing for Beginners (How-To) [Video]

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Long-Distance Real Estate Investing for Beginners (How-To)

Long-distance real estate investing may seem challenging at first. How do you handle tenant issues, property issues, tax issues, and every other type of landlording fun when you’re hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of miles away. Is it even possible for a rookie real estate investor to build a rental property portfolio at a distance, or should you start off on your home turf?

Sarah Weaver (coach, investor, and agent), started buying rental properties abroad out of necessity, but later found that it was a blessing in disguise. As a digital nomad, Sarah is hopping from country to country and doesn’t have the time to fly back to the US every time she wants to close on a new rental. She’s been building out her out-of-state (or out-of-country) portfolio for years now and has seen the huge value of doing so.

Now, Sarah is here to spread the good word of long-distance real estate investing to every new and experienced investor. While it may look tough as an onlooker, once you have your team and system in place, it’s a pretty spectacular strategy!

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00:00 Managing Rentals From Abroad
03:01 Purchasing Out-of-State Rentals
05:00 Who Should Invest Out-of-State?
07:19 Investing Out-of-State Isn’t So Scary
09:12 Finding Contractors and Vendors