LIVE: Watch stocks trade in real time ⁠as Dow tumbles — 5/18/2022 [Video]

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LIVE: Watch stocks trade in real time ⁠as Dow tumbles — 5/18/2022

U.S. stocks fell sharply on Wednesday after another major retailer warned of rising cost pressures, confirming the fears over inflation that have sent major benchmarks to big losses this year.

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LIVE: Watch stocks trade in real time ⁠as Dow tumbles— 5/18/2022


What the Future of Venture Capital Funding Could Look Like [Video]

Nora chats with Crunchbase CEO Jager McConnell about the increasingly difficult Venture Capital funding environment for late stage startups, and why some companies who raised at massive valuations last year are running into trouble. Jager also offers insight into the industries that are taking a beating in the startup world, and explains why biotech and cybersecurity are thriving.This episode's sponsors -- For more info on our presenting sponsor, check out To learn more about Wealthfront, check out learn more about Electric, check out to Business Casual here: more Business Casual? Binge it here: to Morning BrewSign up for free today: The Brew!Instagram - - Tok - Intro00:41 Intro to Jager McConnell and Crunchbase03:00 “Professional pet peeves” ice breaker04:59 What is Crunchbase?07:31 When Jager joined Crunchbase08:44 Wanting to be the Spotify of the enterprise world09:33 Use cases for Crunchbase12:14 Pattern of struggle for startups14:05 What entrepreneurs should focus on15:21 Diversity and investments17:32 Funding trends18:51 What’s working in the startup world?21:01 Analyzing trending industries22:06 Retail investors and Crunchbase23:25 Metrics investors are focused on24:15 Film moonshot25:20 Two truths and a lie26:22 Startup Jager missed investing in27:22 CreditsWhat the Future of Venture Capital Funding Could Look Like