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Leverage Company Culture & Propel Your Business Forward w/ Jess Podgajny [Video]

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Leverage Company Culture & Propel Your Business Forward w/ Jess Podgajny

Join Jess Prodgajny, Co-founder and CEO of LLUNA, to learn how business leaders can motivate, inspire, and align employees.

✔️Why this matters:
Company culture is the direct link to employee engagement, productivity and happiness. A strong company culture can motivate and inspire employees to be more engaged in their work, resulting in greater profitability for your business.

👉🏾 Attend this Office Hours to learn how developing a company culture can be the key to business growth and employee retention.

✔️You’ll walk away with learning:
– What is culture and why it’s important
– A framework for structuring culture that’s easy and clear
– Specific ways you can use culture to propel your business forward

✔️About your expert:
Jess is the co-founder and CEO of LLUNA, an HR Tech platform that enables personalized employment. She has a background in management consulting with deep expertise in organizational effectiveness, culture curation, and change management. Helping companies realize their true culture in creative ways is her superpower, and a big part of her mission to personalize the future of work!

Business Owners

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