Key Take Aways from Nelson Nash Think Tank | Podcast Ep. 16 | The Money Multiplier [Video]

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Key Take Aways from Nelson Nash Think Tank | Podcast Ep. 16 | The Money Multiplier

Brent Kesler and Hannah Kesler from The Money Multiplier share key takeaways from the Nelson Nash Think Tank. R. Nelson Nash introduced the Infinite Banking Concept and created the book Becoming Your Own Banker. The book is all about how you can create your own banking system to control 100% of your needs. The Infinite Banking Concept is not a procedure to get rich quickly, and you must learn the truth about money. There are five simple rules in this book that you need to familiarize yourself with. Rule No. 1 states that you have to think long-range—you need to have a strategic plan. Everything requires long-range planning. Rule No. 2—Don’t be afraid to capitalize. The Money multiplier calculator is a tool to help you understand the relation between the monetary base and money supply. Investor schooling will also teach you how you can take charge of your financial future. If you want money abundance, then treat your money the same way you would treat a bank’s money. And as Rule no. 3 explains, don’t steal from your banking system. If you borrow from yourself, pay yourself back with interest.

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Rule No. 4—Don’t do business with banks. You have to learn the truth about money. Did you know that the more you borrow money from conventional banks, the more you’re creating a problem? Don’t be a part of the problem! The Money Multiplier Calculator calculates the amount of money that the economy or the banking system will generate with each dollar reserve. You can use this tool to help you create your own banking system where you can recycle the dollars that you will be paying to the bank. As Rule No. 2 states, don’t be afraid to capitalize. When you capitalize, you’re solving problems in your life. Rule No. 5 explains how you need to rethink your thinking. If you want money abundance, then you have to change the way you think about money. Once you understand the problem, it is easier to find the solution. By becoming your own banker, you have total control of your money! Take charge of your financial future, create new streams of income, and solve your money problem with investor schooling. The Infinite Banking System is the solution!

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At The Money Multiplier, we teach the Infinite Banking Concept. This concept will help you solve your money problem. It’s essential to understand how the federal reserve affects our economy, how it affects inflation, and interest. Investor schooling will help you understand these three main points. You will learn more each time you read the book, Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash. The whole idea of the Infinite Banking Concept is to recapture the interest that one is paying to banks and finance companies for the major items that you need such as automobiles, education, and more. Money abundance requires long-range planning. The Infinite Banking Concept is not an investment. It is a process of what you’re going to do in your financial life to make your investments. It is a well-known fact that banks make more money during times of low-interest rates than when rates are high. The process of banking goes on no matter what happens. The Money Multiplier Calculator will provide you with valuable insights. The book by R. Nelson Nash is not about a procedure to get rich quickly to the contrary, it requires long-range planning. It’s essential to think long-term. The key takeaway is understanding the problem. Once you understand the problem, you’ll learn the truth about money. We’re excited to work with you! Get started by subscribing to our Money Multiplier podcast today! Contact us online at or by calling 386-456-9335.