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Just Pray with Pastor John F. Hannah [Video]

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Just Pray with Pastor John F. Hannah

Like so many of you, we hold our faith close, and a big part of that is prayer. And even though it might sound strange, sometimes prayer can seem a little bit intimidating! If you’ve ever found yourself struggling, you’re not alone — and this episode just might help!

On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we couldn’t be any more excited to sit down with our guest of the hour! Pastor John F. Hannah is a retired radio broadcaster of 13 years, Chicago native, acclaimed prayer warrior, and founder of the New Life Covenant Southeast Church.

On top of all that, he’s just released a brand new book, Just Pray, highlighting the importance of divine communication and the pitfalls of prayerlessness. And today, he’s breaking it down, and we hope you’re ready to take some notes because John has a whole lot of golden nuggets to drop!
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Retirement Planning

Biden's Plan to STEAL Your Retirement Money... [Video]

Biden Wants Your Retirement Account. The recent proposal by the Biden Administration, the "Build Back Better Plan" is looking to fund college, child tax credits, and Medicare for all......but at the expense of your retirement accounts. In this video, I break down the the build back better plan and how Biden plans on using your retirement plan to fund it! But at the end of the video, I show you what you can invest in to avoid all of this mess! My Sources: 1. 2. 0:00 Intro 0:39 Biden going after your retirement account 1:24 Peter Theil Roth IRA example 1:50 Quick rundown of what a Roth IRA is 3:16 Why the Government wants your Roth IRA 3:53 What is Biden up to? 4:03 1st thing Biden is after with your retirement account 4:49 2nd thing Biden is after with your retirement account 5:15 What is a self-directed IRA? 6:53 3rd thing Biden is after with your retirement account 8:50 It gets worse..... 9:55 A lot worse...... 10:44 this sounds a lot like something we talked about 11:02 an idea how to work around this... Thanks for Subscribing & Liking our Video! Get Our 1:1 Real Estate Investing Coaching and Mentoring: FREE 7 Day Trial To PropStream Real Estate Investing Software: Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years (On Average): Get Our FREE Book "Break Free From Your Mortgage" Get Our FREE Book "0 To 75 Units in 1 Year" JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR LANDLORDS: Are you a Business Owner? Start Accepting Credit Card Payments with Lower Fees: ======================== ---DISCLAIMER--- The suggestions, advice, and/or opinions that are given by Sam Kwak and Daniel Kwak (The Kwak Brothers) are simply opinions. There are no guarantees of set outcomes. Listeners, guests, and attendees are advised to always consult with attorneys, accountants, and other licensed professionals when doing a real estate investment transaction. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to hold The Kwak Brothers and its brand harmless from any liabilities and claims. Not all deals will guarantee any profit or benefits. Listeners, guests, and attendees are to view and listen to all materials and contents furnished by the Kwak Brothers as a perspective based upon experience.

Retirement Planning

Guarantees are a must in your retirement years for peace of mind. Let's talk about one way to get those guarantees. Watch and Enjoy! Eddie Gartner GET YOUR FREE GAME PLAN ACCESS TO OUR FREE FINANCIAL FREEDOM ROAD MAP YOUR FREE CASH FLOW ANALYSIS GUIDE AND LICENSETitle - From AshesArtist - PALA License - https://www.soundstripe.comVIDEO PRODUCED BYMotormind Marketing AllianceVideomarketingalliance.comYour Best Allies in“EPIC Financial Strategies” is a trade name referring to EPIC Insurance Services, LLC. All references to “EPIC” contained in this video pertain to EPIC Insurance Services, LLC. Robert Gill is not in the business of providing investment advice and specifically disclaims any liability, loss or risk incurred as a consequence, either directly or indirectly, through the use of any of the information contained in this video. Also, Robert Gill, in his appearance on various social media platforms, does NOT provide ANY legal, accounting, securities, investment or tax advice, and the opinions he shares are not intended to be a substitute for meeting with professional advisors. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of competent, licensed and certified professionals should be sought. In addition, Robert Gill does not endorse ANY specific investments, financial advisors or securities brokerage firms. Robert Gill is not a securities-licensed professional, financial planner or investment advisor.The views and opinions of any guests who may appear in the videos on this channel, regardless of whether they hold any securities, advisory or insurance license, are shared for informational and educational purposes only. And whether they originate with Robert Gill or any guest, the views and opinions of persons appearing in these videos should not be considered investment, financial, legal or tax advice. Before making any investment or other significant financial decision, viewers should consult with qualified and licensed professionals, who will assess the appropriateness of the decision in light of each individual’s specific goals, experiences and financial status.It is possible that certain material facts, including but not limited to legal conditions directly affecting the functions of products discussed herein, may have changed in the time since this video was filmed. Viewers should not assume that such conditions have remained the same in the ensuing period.

Retirement Planning

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